Concrete Retaining Wall Construction in St. Louis County

A concrete retaining wall can be used decoratively to create themes and unique designs in a landscape. They can also be used to create more space by cutting into slopes and creating terraces. Although they can add an aesthetic element, they have a much more purposeful function, and it is one in which they were actually designed for. Many concrete retaining walls are constructed to prevent soil erosion and to prevent run-off water flowing towards your property and basement.

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Our Concrete Retaining Wall Construction Services

StoneEdge Concrete has many styles and color choices available that can be used to create retaining walls around your property. You can choose between something dramatic or a concrete retaining wall with colors that blend into its surroundings.

No matter which design you wish to choose, our concrete retaining wall experts will advise you on the most appropriate retaining wall construction, which will meet your needs.

As part of the construction process, our qualified surveyor will check your area and determine the requirements. He or she will also take into consideration the size of your slope, the height of the wall required, and the primary function the concrete retaining wall is being constructed for. The concrete retaining walls we construct are designed to last for many years to come.

Our services include:

  • Concrete retaining wall repair
  • Concrete sealing and maintenance
  • Expert knowledge of your local building codes
  • Drainage and backfill expertise
  • Design of retaining walls in many shapes (curved) and sizes

Concrete Retaining Wall Benefits

Concrete retaining walls as are durable and lasting option for many uses. Some of the benefits that these offer include:

  • Prevent soil erosion and stabilize slopes
  • Can create unique hardscapes and useable space
  • Help to prevent flooding or water build-up
  • Add an aesthetic quality and value to your home

Our Service and Commitment

When constructing a concrete retaining wall, it is crucial that all regulations are met in regards to the size and function of your wall. Our experts know of all current building codes for St. Louis and the surrounding areas that we support. Our skilled concrete contractors always follow the suggested ASTM & ACI Standards and Practices to ensure they produce the highest quality results. Additionally, we provide a full guarantee for our craftsmanship, products, and services.

As concrete retaining walls have such an important function, we pay extra special attention to detail to get the job right the first time. If notice any problems or you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make things right.

We aim to install concrete retaining walls in a timely manner so as to cause the least disruption to your family and your home or business, and although we try to be as quick as possible, we ensure there is no compromise when it comes to quality of our concrete retaining walls.

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