Concrete Foundation & Basement Contractors in St. Louis County

Foundations and basements can be two of the most crucial points of your home when concrete is laid, as both of these can and will attract moisture during the wetter months of the year. As a leading concrete company serving St. Louis County, StoneEdge Concrete has over 50 combined years of experience in providing concrete foundation services which have helped many homeowners to solve these problems.

Our residential concrete foundation services include pouring:

  • Footings and walls
  • Insulated concrete walls
  • Tall walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Flatwork slabs

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Concrete Foundations

StoneEdge Concrete specializes in providing a concrete foundation for every type of construction. We can pour anything from subgrade compacted floors for smaller projects up to a reinforced concrete foundation for larger projects where weight is a concern. Before we begin any project, we will advise on what type of concrete foundation would be the best for your needs. No matter the scope or size of your project, our concrete foundation experts can pour a highly durable concrete foundation that provides a high resistance to water while retaining its strength, meaning far less maintenance over the years.

Why Choose StoneEdge Concrete for your Concrete Foundation Pouring?

Regardless of if you are building a completely new home or just adding to the one you currently have, we have experts who can work with you each step of the way and leave you with a concrete foundation that will exceed all of your expectations.

Our premium services include:

  • Assistance with any pre-construction planning
  • Assistance with project design
  • Superior quality of materials and workmanship
  • Efficient working practices
  • Full knowledge of all building codes for your area
  • Ability to complete both simple and complex designs

If you are located in St. Louis County including the South and West County areas all the way to St. Charles and Wentzville, StoneEdge Concrete can provide you with a project that is fully guaranteed and follows ACI & ASTM practices to provide the highest quality. Additionally, our expert contractors will work to cause the least amount of disruption to your home or business throughout your project.

We personally guarantee your project will be completed right the first time, as our concrete foundation specialists give great attention to detail and we hold ourselves fully accountable for our services and products.

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